May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!! Enjoy every precious moment!

Ethan choosing the most interesting vegetables while shopping at a local Farmer's Market for a special dinner for Mom!

Happy Spring!! I'm wishing a very Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! Every time that I hug my little boy, snuggle with him and read a book, hear him say “Mommy I love you” and experience so many other beautiful moments reminds me of how precious life is…how precious children are…and I am truly grateful for this abundant source of my happiness.

Time goes by so fast. It feels like just yesterday, I was holding him in my arms just a few weeks old...anticipating each new day to watch him grow. Now at 5 1/2 years old, he still loves to sit on my lap but he's getting too heavy to pick up! It brought tears to my eyes when I said to him " have grown so much! I think you are now too big for me to carry!" and he replied, "Don't worry Mama, I can still hold your hand!" So sweet!

I love celebrating Mother's Day with my little boy. It is a wonderful time for reflecting on all the wonderful moments I've had as a mom and for remembering to take time everyday to enjoy the precious things in life.

So, how do we spend Mother's Day? No big dinners/brunches at a fancy restaurant or elaborate gifts...just some simple time together. In fact, one of my favorite Mother's Day memories was sitting outside in our our pajamas early Mother's Day morning...blowing bubbles when Ethan was 2 1/2. His idea as a gift for me! Loved it! When he was 3 1/2, we went on a wonderful hike in Vermont with a picnic lunch. And last year Ethan was so proud to cook a special dinner for his Mama (with help from Dad of course!). In addition to cooking, he happily set the table and gathered flowers from our yard for a little vase.

This year we are headed on our first camping trip (with a group of families from our local arboretum)! We'll learn how to pull in a seine net, cook dinner on the beach, go on a night hike, and get up early to watch the sun rise! It is certain to be tons of fun and filled with many precious moments!

Here is my wish for all of you: Savor each moment. Do something special together....go for a walk...draw a a a book. It's all about the moments together: exploring, learning, loving, sharing. And I am absolutely the happiest Mom in the world! Sending lots of love to you and your family on Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

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