Dec 6, 2010

Baby's First Christmas

Ahhh....the joy of a first Christmas with a little one. The wide eyes filled with wonderment as they watch the twinkling Christmas tree lights and the little smile on their face as they hear the tinkling bells of ornaments and holiday songs... Every new experience with a new baby is wonderful, but there is something especially precious about a baby's first Christmas.

Here is a picture of Ethan with our little dog Kayla for his first Christmas:

It was so much fun that first Christmas to watch his face as he explored all the new sights and sounds in the world. To see those little arms and legs waving and kicking with excitement. To see him gaze into the face of each friend or family member as they held him for the first time. Ethan was just a few months old that first Christmas and what a wonderful time to share the joy of our new baby!

Our first Christmas with Ethan was wonderful...simple and beautiful. It was about time with family and friends...and time to explore new things together as a family...a special time as we began to establish our own family traditions. Our gift giving to Ethan was and still is simple...something beautifully crafted that will last for years. Some of my favorites: a lovely wooden rattle (now tucked away in a box for safekeeping), a special huggable bear (still snuggled at night), a handpainted wooden giraffe (still played with over and over again)...

Many of the items that you will find at are some of the favorite gifts that we chose for Ethan that first year...or were given to him by friends or family.

So, I hope you find something truly wonderful for the new baby and/or little one in your life...something they will treasure for years.

This little one loved the baby toys at Rosie Hippo:

Sooooo cute! The baby tumbler and big rollie car are long time customer favorites!

Wishing you a holiday season filled with precious moments. Because it's really about the moments...

Happy as can be mom to now 5 year old Ethan


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