Nov 22, 2010

Treasured Through the Years: Doll Furniture

40+ years ago. 2 little girls at Grandma and Grandpas for Christmas. Happy as can be and anxiously awaiting the moment they will be able to open their "special" shared present. They tear away the wrapping paper to find the most beautiful little wooden bunk beds for dolls. Wow!!! Thrilled, they run to find their matching dolls (only 2 years apart, they get lots of "matching" things to keep peace in the house). And they merrily play all day with their new treasure.

Do you remember those moments from your childhood? Well, I do. Especially the Christmas Day that I received the doll bunk beds. Those 2 little girls described above are me and my sister, Tammy (she's 2 years younger than me). And guess what? We still have those bunk beds. And they are --- even after years and years of play --- in great shape. They are now in my possession, since Tammy's daughters have grown past the days of enjoying doll play. Isn't it wonderful that the craftsmanship of some toys enables them to be enjoyed through generations?

So I must tell you that I was absolutely thrilled to find Amish made doll furniture to add to our Rosie Hippo inventory. Beautifully made, solid, sturdy, and lovely, our new doll furniture meets the important criteria of being products that can be enjoyed for generations.

Check out our new Doll Bunk Beds at! I just LOVE them!!

Children love to play with dolls, to play house, to imitate their parents. One of my most touching parenting moments was watching Ethan comfort a doll, hugging it tightly saying "it's'll be OK...I'm here..." using words that I've used with him.

Pretend play with dolls is particularly important as it allows children to have complete control over a mini-world. Children can do all of the activities they observe parents do each day --- and try these activities out for themselves. This type of pretend play enables children to understand roles, relationships, and needs, as they explore and try to understand their place in the world.

When a new addition to the family is expected, utilizing dolls and doll furniture to prepare the older sibling can be particularly useful. Holding a doll and supporting it's head, speaking quietly, and putting the doll into a doll crib gently can be taught. And having their own "baby" and "baby doll furniture" when the new baby arrives provides an outlet for children to mimic their parents with the new well as to learn how they can help too!

Perfectly sized Crib for your baby's baby!

Highchairs for pretend feeding time are available in white or harvest:

And the tray swings up to easily enable a doll to be seated!

There is nothing like watching a child explore the world and their place in it. And it is always endearing to see their "view". Ethan was playing yesterday using the crib as the bed for his Mr & Mrs. Mouse (stuffed animal) teachers and the school desks for the students (dolls and a bear) in his pretend sleepaway school. Hmmmm.....some imitating of his preschool with the teachers and students....and I think the sleepaway school concept comes from talking to my friend's daughter who is applying to boarding school...

The little School Desk Chair and the Lid Desk with Chair Set:

I love this little Cradle. We had a baby-sized one that looked just like this from our great-grandparents that we used when Ethan was a baby!

This little Canopy Bed is pretty enough for a princess!

And what child wouldn't love a complete bedroom set that is perfectly doll-sized!

This year more than ever, it seems like many parents are focusing on value and investing in things that endure. When this season's "hot" plastic toy is long forgotten, broken and discarded, wonderful wood toys will still be bringing more memories to the next generation. And we just love that!

Hope you love our doll furniture! It's absolutely adorable in person!



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