Jan 29, 2010

First Full Moon of the Year

Did you know that the first full moon of 2010 is tonight, Friday, January 29th? It is the biggest and the brightest full moon of the year.

Gorgeous first view of the moon:

Late night view of the moon:

Now, why am I interested in the first full moon of the year? Because my little 4 year old is obsessed with the Moon and with Space!

It all started in a wonderful little independent bookstore in Vermont. I was perusing the magazine section, and I pointed out the children’s magazines and told Ethan to pick one out. Next thing I knew, he came back with the magazine he wanted, “Air and Space”. Hmmmm… “Why do you want this magazine, Ethan?” “I like the airplanes and rocket ships, Mommy.” He looked at this magazine over and over again for weeks.

So one day I decided to watch the documentary “From the Earth to the Moon” with Ethan. I thought he would like to see a few of the rocket launches. He LOVED it. And not only the rocket launches. He wanted to know everything about the moon and the rocket ships and the astronauts. And he has continued to be extremely interested in Space. We’ve had great fun exploring information and facts about the Moon, Space and the NASA Missions. So check out the new items on the Rosie Hippo website related to Space! They are favorites at our house!

Some interesting facts that Ethan and I tracked down about the first full moon of the year:

-The first full moon of the year is called the wolf moon. This name dates back to the Native American culture and the idea that hungry wolves howled at the full moon on cold winter nights. Ethan and I stood outside tonight in Vermont in 2 degree F weather gazing at the full moon and waiting to hear some howling! No howling tonight…but we have heard wolves on other nights!

-The moon tonight is 14% wider and 30% brighter than other full Moons will be this year since the moon is closer in orbit than usual. Some people even refer to it as a “supermoon”.

-It is easier to identify the easy-to-see features on the moon tonight, especially the bright and dark markings across the face. Ethan found a “man in the moon”!

Some Moon and Space items that can be found at RosieHippo.com:

Ethan and his Rocket:

This Recycled Cardboard Rocket is Ethan’s absolute favorite. It is set up at my office and Ethan pretends he is going to the moon for hours on end. Check out this YouTube video for one of Ethan's “moon missions”.

One Giant Leap Apollo Eleven is a great children’s book depicting the story of the landing of the first man on the moon. We read this book over and over and over again! Ethan has memorized all the astronaut’s names and relevant facts and never seems to tire of this story.

The knitted cotton Rocket Set is great for traveling and provides lots of opportunity for imaginative play.

The Moon Ball is really cool…it identifies all the areas on the moon. And the Earth Balls are great too --- for throwing, as pillows, and for identifying all the continents, countries, oceans and seas on Earth.

The Solar System puzzle is a new favorite --- kids love puzzles!

In Every moon There is a Face” is a sweet book with a comforting bedtime poem and beautiful illustrations.

I’ve spoken to lots of parents whose children are interested in Space. If you have any favorite books or toys that you think would be a good addition to the Rosie Hippo website, please let me know. And don’t forget the next full moon in 2010 occurs on February 28th!



Trudi said...

It's obvious the time you spend with Ethan, exposing him to the wonders of space and interesting related facts, has nurtured his creative play! Amazing what a cardboard rocket can inspire. Here's to letting imaginations soar!

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