Dec 24, 2009

A Mailbox Full of Christmas and Holiday Cards

Ohhhhhh…I love getting Christmas and Holiday cards. I’m like a little kid! I love the anticipation. Love opening the mailbox to see what the postman has delivered. It is so much fun to hear from friends and family…see new photos…get the latest updates. Laugh. Smile. Giggle. And sometimes even cry.

It always seems like the year has gone by way too fast…and then I see the photos and WOW have all the kids grown!! Just babies last year…now toddling around. Just young kids…now fresh into the teen years. Out of high school…on to college. More hair (less hair!), new braces, new glasses, no more glasses, reading glasses (oh no!), new fashions, new styles, new places, new adventures…LOVE IT! It is just wonderful to find out what folks have been up to. And the creative, fun, funny, adorable, cute, and beautiful photos/cards give a glimpse into your lives! Love to see the style, colors, words and photos chosen and adventures shared.

And then there are the storytellers! Love the Christmas/Holiday letters! I’m always so impressed at anyone who can summarize their year in one page! And, I have my absolute favorite writers (Luigi…Katie…I’m waiting for this year’s letters!! Hurry up! I need a dose of your holiday humor!)

Of course, I’m always a little melancholy when I get these great cards/photos/letters too! Why? Well, I think…”Can it really have been a year already?” or “Wow…I wish we had connected more this year.” or “Oh my gosh. Where did the time go?” It makes me reflect on the past year…remember the precious moments…and reminds me to savor each day.

Now, I must admit to you that I save (and I mean SAVE) all of my holiday cards. Every year. I have a box from every year. I just can’t throw them away. One year I even made a “holiday card scrapbook”! (I meant to do that every year….but you know how that goes!) I can’t help myself (it’s the packrat in me)…it just doesn’t seem OK to throw away (or even recycle!) these memories.

Now tied with loving to get Christmas and Holiday cards is making Christmas/Holiday cards! LOVE IT! It’s fun to find great photos from the year…or take a new photo. Fun to see if I can get a little boy and a little dog captured in a great photographic moment! And “pre-Ethan” I even liked to seal my cards with wax stamps and handwrite addresses in interesting script with cool gold or silver ink! Yes…really!

So here is the chronology of our Christmas photos/cards since Ethan was born (can’t seem to find the boxes from early years but I know I have them somewhere!)

2009 –Cool Little Dude! (You are growing up way too fast!)

2008 – Rockin’ Around in Vermont

2007 – My Little Golfer (yes, Ethan really golfs and loves it!)

Stay tuned...working on a set of wooden golf clubs to offer on!

2006 – Oh Dear, Mommy Fell for the Happy Feet Display at the Mall!

2005 – A Little Boy and His Best Friend

Wishing you and your families many precious moments and much happiness this holiday season!

Peace, Love, and Rock & Roll!!



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