Dec 14, 2009

Holiday Lights in NYC

Crisp, cold winter air…bright city lights…festive holiday decorations…taxis honking… there is nothing like New York City during the holiday season! And what a wonderful night Ethan and I had in the Big Apple with Aunt Jen (my brother Buddy’s wife who was visiting from San Francisco). Ethan adores Aunt Jen! And how wonderful for Ethan to have such a loving, doting, cooler than cool “Auntie”!

Disclaimer for this entire blog....apologies...all of my photos are slightly askew...too funny!

So what was the big night? The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center!!! Worried about “gridlock alert” we headed into the city early…expecting to be on time…and we were EARLY! Really? Yup! (Aunt Jen is a goooood influence!)

Had to snap this shot of Aunt Jen and Ethan waiting for me while I parked the car:

Who is that cool little boy? (We think he was imitating Uncle Buddy!) Aunt Jen was holding back the giggles as she asked Ethan “What are you doing there? How do I stand like that?” And I can’t stop chuckling about this photo! “Hey, Ethan…you’re only 4 years old…you’re looking like a teenager already!”

We had dinner at a great Mexican Restaurant just across the street from Lincoln Center, Rosa Mexicana. Ethan loved the guacamole made tableside. And he especially enjoyed doling out the guacamole to Mommy and Aunt Jen from the molcajete lava stone bowl. Rosa Mexicana has a really cool wall of water with lots of little divers (it looks like a work of art) which Ethan loved!!

Ethan in front of the wall of water:

Before heading to Lincoln Center, we walked around a bit admiring the beautiful lights.

Gorgeous Christmas Tree decorated with Plates (yes, dinner plates):

Aunt Jen and Ethan admiring the tree and the brightly lit Gingerbread Man:

Another beautifully lit tree:

We started talking to a woman who had the cutest little dog. And I mean LITTLE dog. No more than 10” long and 3 pounds!

Check out the size comparison to Ethan’s sneaker!

I should mention that this little doggie’s name was Twitter! YES, TWITTER!!! Too funny. Twitter was in twaining, I mean training to be a therapy dog like his older brother, Blackberry. YES, BLACKBERRY!!! Only in New York!! Love it!

Check out Blackberry’s calling card!

A Twitterer-to-be with a little Twitter:

Time went by quickly and we headed to Lincoln Center.

Great architecture from the 1960’s:

Ethan loved the fountain:

And although I can’t show you any photos “(turn off your cell phones and no photography please”), Ethan loved the Nutcracker! Biggest hits:

-the giant Christmas tree
-the Rats (they are really mice, but once I called them rats there was no turning back)
-the Dancing Candy Canes
-the Sugarplum Fairies
-the sleigh that flies into the air at the end

The colorful costumes and sets were gorgeous! The dancing was wonderful and the music was beautiful too! When we had to duck out of the hall to head to the bathroom, Ethan said “I like this Mommy. How about we come here again next year but next time we don’t miss anything to go to the bathroom?” Love the advance planning!

Our excursion ended all too soon. And although it was a long day, Ethan loved the New York City Ballet’s Nutcracker and didn’t want to leave! Once we were back in the car and headed back out to New Jersey, it didn’t take more than a few minutes for Ethan to fall asleep…with that adorable innocent face…. Thanks Aunt Jen for a memorable evening!

Crisp, cold winter air…bright city lights…festive holiday decorations…taxis honking… There is nothing like New York City during the holiday season!!


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