Nov 7, 2009

There is Only One You

I want to share with you a book that I love called "Only One You" by Linda Kranz. This engaging story immediately captured Ethan's interest. From the first time we read the book together, he was hooked! "Only One You" is a beautiful and compelling story that has offered me the opportunity for wonderful exchanges with my son --- many poignant moments ---- and many chances for great learning discussions.

Here are a few of our conversations...

Conversation 1:
Ethan asks to read the book (as he does many nights) "Only One You". I ask "Ethan, why do you like this book, "Only One You"? Ethan responds "Because there's only one you mommy". I ask "There's only one you --- Ethan? or only one me --- mommy?" Ethan says "Because there's only one me, Ethan...and there's only one you, mommy...and there's only one daddy!" He says this with happiness in his voice and a great big smile on his face.

Conversation 2:
On the page where Adri is swimming in a different direction than his friends, Ethan says "Mommy, why is Adri swimming that way? why is he swimming away from his friends? He's going to get lost." I ask "Why do you think Adri's swimming in that direction Ethan?" Ethan says "He must be lost, he needs to turn around or he'll miss his friends." I say "Well Ethan sometimes it's OK to go in another direction from your friends. And sometimes it's important to go in a different direction from your friends. Ethan says "But why mommy?" I say, "Well Ethan, just because your friends are going one way or doing one thing, doesn't mean that you must go that way or do that thing. And it doesn't mean that the direction you're friends are going is the right direction to go! What is most important Ethan is to always do the right thing. And to go in the direction that you think you should go." And to be kind and good to the world and all the creatures in the world. Ethan says, "OK mommy."

The pages of "Only One You" and our conversation has now set the foundation for continued conversations about "choosing your path" and "doing the right thing" and "it's OK to be different". A beautiful story.

LOVE this book!



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