Nov 26, 2009

A Kaleidoscope of Fall Color

“Listen to the leaves falling one by one…” This is the first line of a song Ethan and I love to sing together. We just love the Fall! The beautiful colors…the crisp, cool air…hiking in the mountains…crunching through the leaves… Here is an overview of our wonderful times this Fall...

There were so many beautiful Fall days.

A kaleidoscope of color:

The prettiest Fall scene:

Hiking…hiking…hiking! I love to hike! Ethan loves to hike! Ethan has been hiking since he began to walk!

Hiking in Vermont...isn't it beautiful?:

Love those little hiking feet:

Before the crazy retail season hit, we tried to hike at least once every weekend. We enjoyed some especially picturesque hikes in the mountains of Vermont.

Gorgeous views from Stratton Mountain:

View of Owl’s Head Mountain:

Isn't this little bridge lovely?:

We read the Woods Walk book to help us explore the Fall. Love this book! It contains lots of great facts about each season, highlights how to use your senses to experience nature…and provide lots of ideas on how to discover nature with your child. “Collect Fall leaves by shape…How to tell conifers apart..A list of leaves by color…Go on a woodland treasure hunt…so much fun stuff! And My Nature Book, a journal, provides a place to record your memories...a place to write about the good times you’ve had in nature that you will never forget.

Ethan found a caterpillar on one of our many hikes:

And a frog too:

Ethan loved learning about why leaves change colors. He walked around telling everyone “the leaves have lost their chlorophyll!” One day on the way to school, we decided to name the autumn leaf colors. It was a fun activity that we did over and over again and it kept both of us more aware of the beauty of our surroundings.






Lemon & Kiwi:


A fun and easy activity we did this Fall was to make a wreath out of colorful leaves. Minimal supplies are needed: paper plate, glue, leaves, and yarn. Cut a circle out of the center of the paper plate. Glue leaves to the paper plate. Attach yarn at the top so you can hang the wreath. Voila! A Fall Wreath! Nature's Art Box (another favorite book) provides directions for how to make a wreath out of vines or branches.

Out to collect the leaves:

Minimal supplies needed:

Ethan loved the gluing:

Completed masterpiece:

What a wonderful, colorful Fall!

And such a happy little guy:

Happy Thanksgiving!!



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