Oct 31, 2009

Don’t Forget the Face Paint Pencils!

Ethan went to an amazing day camp this summer. Each week there was a specific theme…Nature, Music, the Circus, the 60s, Independence Day, etc. Every Friday we would drive up to music blaring, big banner, and teachers and counselors dressed for the end of the week celebration of that week’s “theme”. Ethan jumped out of bed every morning looking forward to camp, but Friday celebrations were especially exciting for him.

Now, you know how it is…things get busy…and you (as a parent) sometimes forget the “to do” list from school or camp. Hate to admit it…but it’s true!! So one Friday morning we got up and Ethan reminded me it was “Circus Day”. He needed a costume. So…what to do in 20 minutes or less? YES, the inevitable “Clown” costume. One of Daddy’s ties…crazy patchwork pants (yes, I did buy those for him at a Polo Factory outlet store, not sure why as he had never worn them)…t-shirt (that was easy)…mommy’s plaid sneakers (yeah, not sure why I bought those either!)…hat and clown nose from recent trip to circus in NYC (whew, that was lucky).

Now, the most important part to Ethan was…getting his face painted. BIG problem. No face paint pencils. What? But you own a toy company, don’t you? You sell really great, high quality face paint pencils, don’t you? Yes! But you know what they say about “the cobbler’s child has no shoes.” So I brought out “mommy’s makeup case” and did my best. Luckily, kids are easily pleased and Ethan was thrilled with his “quasi” clown face.

Clowning Around: Happy Clown Face

Clowning Around: Sad Clown Face

Now, I had learned my lesson. So, the next time around, when Ethan needed to "dress up" for camp, I was prepared. I had face paint pencils. What week was it? 60’s week!!! Yes, you’ve gotta love it! 1960’s week at camp! Tie-dyed t-shirt with peace sign (yup! Have that from trip to San Francisco when visiting Uncle Buddy and Aunt Jen!)…jean shorts (no problem!)…cool cable bracelets (have those from hanging out in Vermont!) and a fun shopping trip to get mood ring (a must! Ethan loved this!), peace sign necklace, blue tone sunglasses (Ethan had to have blue!) and matching cool bandanas for Ethan and our pup Kayla. And this time we had face paint pencils!!!

"Peace, dude!"

"Peace, doggy!"

Ethan was very clear on what he wanted painted on his face. “I want a peace sign on my cheek, mommy.”

Thank goodness for face paint pencils:

And “I want some tattoos like Uncle Buddy.” “OK, Ethan. What would you like your tattoo to say?” “Love, peace, and friendship, mommy.” Wow! Great conversation while trying to create a “love, peace, and friendship” tattoo with face paint pencils. (Note my limited tattoo ability!)

Ethan loved his first tattoo:

And then I had to ask. “Ethan, how about a ‘I love my mama’ tattoo?” He loved that idea!

And I sure do love that little boy!

Love the mood ring:

So, hey, don’t forget the face paint pencils! You never know when they may come in handy!

We also bought some white converse sneakers for a fun project for 60s week. Ethan and I colored his sneakers with markers and tied them with colorful laces. Ethan thought this was the coolest project.

Wearing his “art”:

Ethan got in the car after camp one day during 60s week and said “What does peace mean, mommy?” Wow! What a great conversation ensued. Wow! What an amazing camp to bring these concepts to a not yet 4 year old! Wow! Love it.

So, wishing you love, peace, and friendship. Peace out!



Anonymous said...

We so could have used the "face paint pencils" this Halloween. Mia was and Indian and at the last minute she tells me she wants to put on face paint. Next time I will have to plan ahead better and have some "face paint pencils" at the ready.
Love all the great pictures of Ethan,

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